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What’s next for episodes 5 & 6?

Tune in on FRIDAY April 3rd for an episode focused on COVERS! We will also be providing some helpful tips on how to pass the time, and we also have some special plans with our weirdest friends to entertain your eyeballs and ear holes!

SATURDAY, APRIL 10th we are back with the tunes! Live music is rockin tunes from the The Daddy Sisters and Wet Eyed Liars! Get the hell ready! 

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Coming up soon: The Daddy Sisters & Wet Eyed Liars!

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What we are trying to do here.

In these trying times, with those of us together at home, we want to bring us all together. There is a reason we all must sacrifice now, but it doesn’t mean it has to suck. Lets work toether and figure out how to come out of all this better and smarter about what it is that is important and why we all choose to live here.

My friends, we all are in this together. #drink

Behind the scenes…

We’re a rag tag group of creative Tidballer’s. As soon as the Corona hit the fan we knew we had to do something to help our friends and family. So we created the motleyest of crews to throw together a live show! We use cool software like OBS to stream directly to Facebook (or wherever!) with a mix of different cameras and lighting equipment.

Yellowberri MIGHT be the company behind the curtain helping to make this all happen. If you wanna learn more about those weirdos, you can click that lovely little button below…

Tidball’s might be empty…

but our stream is jam packed!

We get it. This sucks. In fact, it sucks BIG TIME. That being said, we’re here for you every Friday and Saturday until this BULL$#!T is over!

Friday streams we will focus on bringing you the best content from the week, and all sorts of wanton entertainment. 

Saturday’s we’re gonna kick things up a notch with live performances! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the artists keep their dang distance!


Only YOU can prevent forest fires…wait, that’s not right…

Help flatten the curve! You can do it! We’re all in this together!