Nationally known yet locally grown, Tidball’s was founded in late 2001 by a group of friends. Fast forward 16 years and 2 still remain at the live music venue that¬† longtime Rolling Stone editor David Fricke referenced as a CBGB of the South in a trip to Bowling Green.

Fricke was in town visiting the roots of Grammy winning, international rock stars Cage the Elephant. It’s hard to be from the Corvette city and not mention the two in the same sentence. Tidball’s gave the band it’s 1st show and provided a place to perfect their craft and mesmerizing stage show before heading across the pond. Cage still calls the place home, visits from time to time, and presented the owners with their own platinum record of their debut release.

Many artists have graced the hallowed stage on its way to stardom. Moon Taxi, Sleeper Agent, Morning Teleportation,  and Mona all would credit the place on their way to their current or former success.

Through its 16 year tenure, Tidball’s media and periodical mentions have expanded from local to global. Being coined Americas Greatest Dive Bar by an article that appeared in Deadspin/Foodspin, making national lists in Thrillist and Matador Network as one of the best bars to visit and places you must see live music are just a few features that have garnered National attention along with numerous mentions in Rolling Stone & Spin.

Outside of the music, spotlight, and recognition. The owners are most proud of their philanthropy work in the community. The venue has raised thousands and thousands of dollars for countless charities in and around town and continue to do so with the recent focus on fighting Childhood cancer and funding research to battle this epic disease. Dozens of benefits are hosted each year.

As another decade approaches, Tidball’s still continues to be considered the hub of the South Central Kentucky music scene. It is where those new to the game wanna cut their teeth and where the established come to pay homage. It is often replicated but never duplicated. It is continually paving the road for newer venues to follow in its success.

So the next time you wanna hear live music, participate in the city’s longest running open mic, shoot some pool, play some Foosball, or simply be treated like you belong, give us a visit.

We love our community, it’s musicians, it’s people & everything in between. It’s an honor for us to be here and enjoy the ride with you.

Some of our past performers and visitors include…